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Initial Deposit

The Initial Deposit is auto calculated to produce a Loan to Value Ratio of 95%. Please edit this value to suit your situation. Note: When the amount you are borrowing is over 85% of the property’s value, a Low Equity Premium may apply.

Purchase Price


Loan to Value(ation) Ratio or LVR is the Loan Amount you may be able to borrow divided by the Purchase Price (valuation) of a Property. The balance is your Initial Deposit or Equity in the Property.

Your LVR

The  Loan Amount is $.


Are you an existing customer of the bank?

Are you planning to sell your house within the next 12 months?

Are you expecting a change in your circumstances that is likely to reduce your income?

i.e starting a family; changing employment

Do you get paid regular commission and or bonuses?

In any one year, are you expecting to repay greater than 5% of the balance of your loan, over and above your regular repayments?

Is certainty of repayments a key consideration for you?

Is this your first home?

Do you have any major expenses within the next 12 months?

i.e. start renovations; purchase new furniture or a new motor vehicle; take a holiday; have a large expense coming up e.g. Income Tax?

Do you regularly follow financial markets and/or intend to actively manage your home lending?

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